​KPS Advisors LLC

Focus on process and people

Play defense first

​​​​Specialize in US and Asia

Data analysis

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​​​KPS Advisors LLC is an independent outsourced investment advisory firm based in NYC. 

​​​We focus more on process and people than past performance. We always strive to understand a manager’s performance drivers. Was it skill or luck? Is it sustainable going forward?

Our investment process has always been “play defense first”. We strive to preserve capital by focusing on individual manager’s risks as well as risks on the overall portfolio level. Effective diversification is key.

We have strong sourcing capabilities for alternative investments in the US and Asia. We understand Asian managers better and build closer relationships because of our proficiency in Mandarin and knowledge of Asian culture. 

Our engineering background allows us to analyze and interpret data and emerge with real insights. We present our findings in a clear and conclusive manner and make smart decisions based on it. 

Contact us at email: kp@kpsadvisors.com or phone: +1 (646) 338 0455

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